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As a very clear usage of an enamel thinner, one expects it to be used for removing oil based paints from surfaces, equipment, brushes and rollers, however, there is a lot to it about thinners that you probably weren’t aware of earlier. Let’s tell you some of the applications and tips of enamel thinners which a lot of people aren’t aware about.

Besides the conventional use of thinners of cleaning up the surfaces and tools after usage of oil based paints, they are also used for preventing paint from getting hard if they have been left open for a while. They can also be used to make the consistency of the paint thinner to make the coverage even better. 

Some of the tips that should be followed and taken into account while using a thinner are;

1. One should never use cold paint as the coverage might be effected and the results you require won’t be provided.

2. Thinner should only be used in the paint when kept at a room temperature area.

3. When adding a paint thinner to the paint mixture, make sure you are continuously stirring it with a spoon or a wooden stick so that particles are not left behind. 

4. Before you actually start to paint the walls and other surfaces, make sure that you test the mixture you have made by applying double coats. The best way to determine the correct consistency is to check that the paint is neither too thick not too runny to be dripping.

5. The mixture should be carefully and slowly mixed when enamel thinner is added as it would ruin the paint quality otherwise.

6. It is pretty common to see chunks of paint that are of no use in the process. Make sure all such chunks are removed and not added with the thinner as it would result in bad coverage of the paint.

7. If you are using a better epoxy primer paint and have already added too much of thinner into it and yet the results are too thick, add a litter water to do the job.
8. Lastly, one of the most important things that should be kept in mind is that one should never keep the lid open of the thinner container for long as it has the ability to evaporate quickly. Always ensure that the lid is closed tightly as soon as you are done using it.

Some safety precautions that should be kept in mind while using thinners is that proper equipment should be used when dealing with such liquids like goggles, gloves and respirators. They are important to be used as thinners have these particles in them that release as fumes and can cause massive damage for respiration.

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