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We live in a world where nowadays earth moving objects like excavators have become a common occurrence. Without these excavators in first place we would still be digging with our bare hands that would take like so much time to do anything. It is a salute to that person who first invented the excavator concept and later on in life the invention became revolutionized but still had the same purpose to dig. 

When we see the excavator we see it do stuff like loading something or taking on heavy loads or removing something but we all miss one thing that is without the attachment the excavator is useless. Yes the excavator alone is a blessing but with an attachment it becomes a heaven for those construction or commercial workers. There are many excavator attachments for sale but we only want to consider what we think is best for our needs. Maybe you are in a commercial business and you might not need a heavy duty excavator attachment or maybe your project or work requires a more severely heavy duty type of attachment that can lift and carry heavy loads and also can take a lot of punishment.

You see before you buy a perfect excavator buckets and excavator attachment for sale there are few types of attachments that you need to consider: 

Rock Saw:

As the name implies let us assume that you are excavating an object that needs to be demolished or something but it is made of some high quality material, so this type of attachment will be required to cut through any solid object like concrete or wood. 


Let us assume that you are working in a forest area where trees are your main concerned. Those old trees need to be taken out in order to create a path for working, than this attachment is the perfect tool for you. 

Tilt bucket:

A tilt bucket is an attachment that is the most widely used application. It is mainly used for digging in deep areas depending on the place where digging takes place. As the name implies it has to be tilted in an angle that it can dig deeply yet also carry the debris that is collected from digging.

Vacuworx Vacuum:

As the name suggests, this type of attachment is more useful in carrying heavy objects which can be as heavy as 10 to 20 tones. You can use to carry heavy objects such as a container on port or maybe large size of pipes. 

So you have seen what types of excavator attachments are necessary for your work requirement. Still feeling confused well head on to our website at:

and get your attachment today. We deal in all types of attachments and buckets for your work needs.

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