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Hospitality is a big business and people invest a lot to create unique spaces that are tailored for the type of customers that are to stay and spend time there. There are also new requirements such as being environmentally friendly and using sustainable resources to build decorate and furnish their spaces. The hotel and restaurant industry is increasingly looking for novel ideas when it comes to the seating and decoration they have to do to attract the right crowd and to keep them coming for more. With increasing customer expectations the demands are high to stay on top of the game. Let\’s look at some of the trends that are taking the industry by storm.

Going green: a lot of premises are using energy efficient technology, and are striving to keep their spaces green. The pools and the rooms are using modern technology for heating and cooling purposes. They use tracking methods to identify when rooms are occupies and when they are not, so that heating and cooling can be turned on and off when required. Electric gates in Melbourne for cafes and the other areas of the restaurants are also taking on reclaimed wood and metal to create one of a kind seating arrangements.

Going local is best: sourcing material and getting local expertise is a growing trend. Many industries, not only hospitality now look for local vendors for their design and other building and furnishing specifications, such as vintage cupboards and other forms of furnishings. The best thing about going local is that they can provide value and design elements that are unique to each location. They will also have better historical knowledge and cultural know how which can be very useful for hospitality industry. Visit for good furniture for cafes in Melbourne

Outside in: A great addition this season is having very limited boundaries with nature. So you will see hotels and restaurants using very minimal commercial fencing or walls to separate the outdoors from the indoors. There will be more greenery with gardens and artificial waterfalls being added. There will also be more sunlight streaming in as opposed to having only skylights. You can also see growing walls and water walls that act as separators as opposed to solid concrete walls.

More people spaces: instead of focusing too much on the rooms, the hotel industry is moving more to creating spaces that allow for guests to mingle and relax. So you will see more focus being placed on lounge or lobby areas. These are increasingly being created to allow for guests to move about, talk and relax. These are some of the unique ways in which the hotel trade is trying to wow guests and to keep them coming for more.

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