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Each and every organization or business that has any form of public dealing, functions on a set of rules and regulations which they strictly abide by and want their customers to follow and respect as well. Similarly, Footy also has certain terms and conditions which are important to be known and be familiar with by the customer. Some of these are as follows: first and foremost is that who and who do they as an organization or as a company regard as their customers/clients.  

According to Footy, anyone who buys a product from them or avails any of their service, or hires any of their workers after signing the agreement is their client. It is important that you read all and any legal document before you sign it, as for the one by Footy, you after signing it have to send it to them either in person or over the mail and that too in between five working days, as these are essential in order to continue with your order details. If you don’t return the papers back within the allocated time, they will not proceed with arrangements of your event, and also hold the right to cancel your booking along with charging you fee for this. But if due to some genuine reasons, you want them to cancel your booking, for that you will have to talk to them in person. If your reason for cancelling your event is a change in the weather, it is suggested that you inform about this to the officials at Footy at least a day before the event. But if you do not do so, you will have to pay fifty percent of the cancellation fee.  

Once you have them on board for arrangement of your event, it is important that you allow them to visit the venue a few hours before the main event in order to set everything up and even a decent enough time to pack up once your celebrations are over. It is entirely the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their team works under safe condition.  

As far as the payments are concerned, you are supposed to pay twenty-five percent of it within five working days after you book them for your event. And the rest of the payment is to be made a day before your event is planned. And you must be familiar by now that payment is non –refundable. Modes of payment include using your master card, through a bank account transfer or through VISA; anyone paying through a credit card will be charged an extra two percent over it. 

If their team upon reaching your location feels that it is not suitable for the castle to be laid in, they have all the means to refuse to set it up. Also you must have a proper system of electricity as these jumping castles in Western Sydney cannot be set up and retained without it. 

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