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Every household is set to face the inevitable, and that is the wrath of blocked drains. The reason as to why drains get blocked is countless. Some of them can be prevented but mostly the reasons behind blocked drains are inevitable and must be faced by everyone. Hiring professional plumbers to look after the maintenance of plumbing and pipping might not be the first priority by everyone due to the sky-high rates and per hour pay of plumbing companies. Getting pipes checked by professional plumber Moorabbin yearly or after two years might be a better decision to avoid bursting of pipes. But when faced with a blocked drain or clogged pipes, one can also make use of tips and tricks to unblock them quickly with no or very less money. The tips mentioned in this article are devised especially that all required things are easily available in every house and just by using these things carefully you to can unblock the drains and save some money too.

  • Plunger

Useless to say, the plunger is mostly available in every house. It is used for unclogging the toilet but if a fine morning you notice the drain is blocked, you can use the plunger. The suction and force created by the plunger often are very effective in unclogging drains and mostly gets the task done.

  • Boiled water with vinegar

As weird as it may sound, but this tip is completely legit. Mixing ½ of vinegar with hot boiling water makes a natural drain opener. All you have to do is to slowly pour is solution into the drain pipes while it is fully hot and then wait for a few minutes. It is quite effective and unblocks drains in a matter of minutes.

  • Baking soda and vinegar

If the first two tips fail to get the job done, then you might have to take out the big guns. Mixing baking soda and vinegar creates a powerful chemical solution that cleans the pipes and drains as soon as it is poured in. the chemical solution reacts with the dirt, garbage, and hair that might be causing blockage and clears them out of the way.

  • Vacuum Suction

Often blocked rains are caused by disposing of small objects into the drain. Dirt and garbage also add pin blockage and all this gunk together causes the pipes to get fully blocked. In a larger gunk buildup, the above-mentioned tips often fail to work and require more strict measures. Vacuum the drains through drain holes can help create a suction that pulls up the gunk and can be taken out by hand. Vacuuming the drains mind sound weird to some but it is a trick that is used by professional plumbers in Brighton to it sure does works.

  • Chemical solutions

This should be used as a last resort as commercially available cleaning solutions and drain plunger liquids are often loaded with chemicals that can harm the pipes. It should not be used regularly and only tried when the above-mentioned tips do not work.

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