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There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and have a good time. From time to time, it’s not that bad to take a break from work and then reward yourself some moment with your friends, and by moments, we mean the best night ever.And make it the most memorable one.Turn up the music, and gather your friends, because here are some of the most amazing ideas you might like to try on your next par-tay.

Have a photo booth

So you’re having the time of your life, but you want to take some of it after the party. Sure, everyone has access now to their high tech phones with fancy cameras, but the spirit of having a printed photo for the party is still way more exciting and much, much meaningful. Especially if you intend to have a costume party which would double the excitement. So setup a photo booth for your guests to try on, and capture the fun essence of your totally cool party.

Mystery party

Okay, okay, we don’t mean a secret party. This is more of a treasure-hunt party where all guests are involved and can play. With this, you can setup the entire place to be riddled with clues as to where the treasure is hidden. Make a Hunger Games-inspired series of games. Or how about a detective theme party, where all guests are suspects? Of course, they have to figure it out as you reveal clues from time to time. Now it is suspenseful and exciting, both at the same time!

Theme party

Yep, the traditional and classic made it to the list. Whether it’s a house party, or a ball, or a boat party, level up the fun if you have some theme. A costumes party would definitely challenge the guests to be creative. Superhero theme, funny dresses, or retro. How about inclining your food menu to the theme. Say it is a Halloween event, make your cocktails red to mimic blood. Or the rolls to look like cut fingers. Disco tour Sydney also sound literally fun and new, so try it out.

Travelling in style

How about organizing a private party cruise? Or a beach resort party? How about renting a limo or an RV to take the party on the road? With this, you not only get to hold a fun and exciting event, you get to be out of town and travelling. Hitting two birds in one stone, ain’t it? Who says that a party should only be limited to a venue, the world is your venue! But of course, this would require some planning and not to forget, budget. So plan it out as early as possible.If you have been working so hard for the past couple of weeks, then don’t be guilty to partying it hard for one night. You deserve to have fun and be wild, even just for one amazing night.

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