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If you are hitting a milestone and you intend to have a popping party, but… you don’t want to spend too much either, how would you do it? Here is how it can be done with ease;

Party supplies

Party supplies are known to be really cheap in nature, so instead of spending on the fancy china, and curtains and whatnot, choose a color or two as a theme to decorate your function rooms melbourne in Northern Suburbs, which would be your house if you are on a budget, and decorate away with balloons and streamers, colored cups and plates etc., that way you spend very little, and the place would look nice and happening.

Pot luck

If you are hitting the 30 year milestone, all your friends and family are in the stage of volunteering to bring over food and drinks, go ahead and accept the offer, in this case, the host would have to prepare one main course and a few other minor things, the rest of the options would come in the hands of the invitees.

Party fund

You would not have to throw a party on a budget if your party fund is done well. Most of the cost would be for the perfect 21st birthday venues in Fairfield because it would involve the accommodation of the guests. Therefore, even if the party fund does not give an outcome as expected, it can be still be used to purchase beverages needed for the party.


Since it is on a budget basis, the music can be downloaded onto a smartphone and connected through Bluetooth to keep your guests entertained and prevent them from listening to the same song over and over again due to the absence of a deejay. Your guests can connect their devices as well, to make sure everyone is happy, and there is a higher addition of music to the library, yay.

Tell the invitees what to expect

On the invitation, if it is mentioned that beer and wine would be provided, but anyone is free to bring a bottle of their choice, the guests would know what to do to make them happy, or a clause that says there’s burger corner down the street, would make them get the hint to bring food if they wish to.All of the tricks and tips given above help to organize a budget party to celebrate a milestone, therefore, by following them, not only will you save money, but you will keep your guests fully entertained and happy as can be.

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