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A house is incomplete without a kitchen in it so in the similar manner a room is incomplete without a door in it. How can someone give the name of a room to a place which does not has its own door and windows it would only be a closed claustrophobic place. The concept of installing doors has been there since forever. However; we can see prominent changes in the manufacturing of these doors as they kept on becoming more and more modified with the passage of time. Everyone is aware with the two main functions of the doors. Its first function is to provide protection and second is to provide privacy. This protection can be the protection from the invasion of burglars or it can also be the protection against the extreme weather conditions. As we are living in the most advanced times in the history of the mankind so obviously; we have been introduced with many advanced kinds of doors as well. In this article; we will be discussing about one such kind of doors known as security doors. Moreover, we will be comparing screen doors with security doors.

Security doors:

You must have been wondering that if the main function of every door is to provide protection then why we need special kind of security doors. Well; the regular or classic doors that are installed do provide protection but they can be broken down with minor force. On the contrary; security doors in berwick are made in such a way that they cannot be broken down easily by enforcing a minor pressure. Most of the people prefer steel made security doors because these are so firm and intact that they cannot be easily broken down. A blow of extreme pressure leaves a minor dent sometimes on these steel made doors. Besides the composition of security doors; the installation of their locks are also quite different from regular doors.

Screen doors versus security doors:

Screen doors are also meant for protection purposes but they provide protection from the entrance of bugs and other such dust particles. Screen doors are made as such that they allow the passage of air and sunlight through them but their criss-cross pattern is so small that they do not allow the passages of bugs through it. On the other hand; security doors are known for their solid composition and intactness. Besides that; multiple locks are installed in security doors unlike screen doors.


As the name implies; security doors are meant for the provision of security purposes. Even if they give almost the similar appearance as that of regular doors but their composition makes them different from regular doors. In addition to that; multiple locks are installed in these doors which make them even more secured. “Classic doors and building supplies” offers the best quality of security doors. They are known for selling the firm and solid doors that last long and are corrosion resistant. For more information please visit our website

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