Colors You Can Go For When Choosing Beacon Lights

Beacon lights are commonly used to make the general public be aware of what’s going on in their surroundings. They are there to inform, attract and grab attention for a particular place and have the objective to send the message of the viewer on how a response should be given while given signals. The use of these lights is for making sure that people are safe which is why different colors are used which have a different type of message with them. Let’s find out the colors you can go for and the message each light contains.


Red, as we all know is the color that is usually linked with emergency, danger or hazards. Even the law enforcement agencies like the hospitals, police and the firefighters have lights flashing the red color. Basically, this is due to the fact that red send powerful signs to those who are viewing and easily grabs their attention to warn them that something is wrong.

Amber or Yellow

These colors are known to give you a reminder for being cautious and slowing down. These colors are normally seen in the traffic lights on the road to give a warning to slow down their vehicles. Such lights can also be seen at airport area, construction sites and buildings in order to making people aware for caution.


Blue beacon light is usually seen as a complementary color that goes along with roof mount light bar. Just like law enforcement officials have red lights to convey a message, a blue color can alternatively see with it such as the policies and firefighters. However, not everyone uses the blue color beacon as they are not allowed in some areas so if you are someone who is unsure about this particular warning light, you must go for a consultation with the regulators or the officials beforehand.


Green is a sign that shows some positivity. The positivity here refers to security and safety. Basically, the message that is conveyed through loud carson sirens is that a situation or an emergency is dealt by the required people. Not only this, green lights are also used for another purpose such as by the vehicles that are managing a funeral.


White is a cool and calm color which is why it can be seen commonly on public and school buses. This is for the purpose to provide visibility to other drivers who are on the road. The alternative for such is a flashing light or a color rotating light.

It is really important to follow the color of lights with the message they convey otherwise, people who are trained for these lights would catch a wrong signal and subsequently, something wrong could happen.

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